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2: Where Will I Park My Van tonight?

April 2019



A diary of my 12 months travel around Australia


I arrived back from the cruise and stuck around Melbourne giving my daughter and her husband a hand to pack up their my van was parked in their driveway for 8 days. Sara, John and the three girls are also travelling around Australia for 12 months. We are going in the same direction, but not actually travelling together although hopefully I will catch up with them throughout my travels.

A trip to the climb park with the family and a last swim at Edithvale beach before heading off was on the agenda.

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Where did I park my van next?

Euroa... a beautiful little country town in central Victoria halfway between Melbourne and Albury. It was the meeting place for the large annual Easter Seddon family gathering, which I have been fortunate to be included in over quite a number of years. I arrived a few days before most of the crowd, stayed for 8 days and started to feel very comfortable with caravan life!!!

The river was almost dry, but a really great caravan park with a pool so kids and adults were happy. Kirsty and Warwick are great hosts and I did my first gig entertaining the campers with some music in exchange for a few nights site fees.

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The morning after I arrived a van pulled into the park that was identical to mine!!! I was as excited to see their van, as they were to see mine. They had done a lot of travelling in the 5 months since they had bought their van and so far had never seen one on the road. I get asked quite a lot, whether I feel the van is better suited for a solo traveller and interestingly they thought it was a fantastic van for two people. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it would be tight with two in the van. It was great to exchange ideas, pro's and cons etc.

On Good Friday a couple of small vans arrived and parked beside me. They were part of a vintage caravan group. Over the Easter weekend we got to know each other and as a result I was invited to visit one of the girls on my way up North at Yarramalong (near Wyong)

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The Vintage, the Retro and the Contemporary (Karyn, Kelly and Anne0

Tuesday 23rd April… I was back in Albury for a couple of days to get my car locking system repaired. I parked the van at Peter and Carol’s in the street and spent a couple of days catching up with a few people before finally leaving Albury……

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Saying goodbye to Pete and Carol

Friday 26th April…A long trip to Bowral to have the weekend with Pete and Viv, Colin, Fiona. Matt and Kat. It took just under 6 hours and I probably won’t travel that far in any one day again as I found it extremely tiring mentally and physically…..BUT I’m starting to get the hang of towing and my backing skills are starting to improve dramatically!! Under the watchful eyes of Pete, Colin and Matt, I parked my van in the driveway at Viv & Pete's and I parked it perfectly!!!

I think I surprised them all....myself included 😎

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This was the view next morning as I walked out of the van. Viv and Pete have a very beautiful garden

Monday 29th April…Next stop was a visit to Broulee to see Jodi, Phillip and the grandchildren. The trip involved doing the winding picturesque road through Kangaroo Valley and I was really pleased with the way the van towed around some pretty tight corners and some steep roads (up and down) through the pass. More good experience in towing.  I parked the van on the nature strip and slept in it.

On the way I caught up with Sara and John and the girls at Ulladulla for lunch. They were heading north after visiting Jodi and Phill and I was heading South.

A couple of days to get a good Eberle family fix before saying goodbye to them all for awhile. Feeling a little sad about that!!! I had a quick visit to Moruya Heads beach and lunch with Jodi before starting to head North on 1st May.

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The ever beautiful Moruya Heads beach....

I parked my van at the "Seven Mile Beach Caravan Park, Gerroa, on my way through to Sydney.

May is on it's way soon....

Distance travelled during April - 1225km