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An Inspiring Visit to NGV ....WOW

Van Gogh Exhibition

Van Gogh....Wow…..what a great day I had last Friday with some of the De Nova group when we took a day trip to Melbourne to visit the National Gallery of Victoria. We caught the early morning train from Albury and returned on the 6pm train from Melbourne. Considering it’s a 4 hour train trip both ways it did make for a long day, but worth every moment.

De Nova Art group members who made the trip to NGV

This exhibition is devoted to Van Gogh’s connection to nature through the four seasons and the opening quote from Van Gogh at the entrance to the exhibition say’s it all

“It is something to be deep in snow in winter, to be deep in the yellow leaves in the autumn, to be deep in the ripe wheat in the summer, to be deep in the grass in the spring”

I found the exhibition intriguing. The way the exhibition was curated provided us with an excellent insight into what influenced Van Gogh and it was easy to comprehend his strong affiliation with the seasons .

The exhibition has attracted huge crowds since it opened and we thought if we attended somewhere around the middle of the exhibition's season we wouldn't have to line up to enter or fight for space to view the works......Wrong!! A few of us who have moMAMA reciprocal membership with the NGV got our tickets immediately and waited in line about 1/2 hour to get into the exhibition. The others had to queue for tickets and then queue to get in and it took them well over the hour.

A Wheatfield with Cypruses Van Gogh, 1889
Trunks in the Grass Van Gogh, 1890. This is a close up of the trunks just to show Van Gogh's amazing mark making  on the canvas.

If you are in a position to visit the NGV consider going to the Van Gogh exhibition before it closes on 9th July.

Make sure if you have membership at any reciprocal art gallery to the NGV take your membership or buy tickets on line before going as you'll save yourself some valuable time.