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My Bird Paintings


Having been away visiting family and friends over the past 10 days has meant I'm way behind with my goal to submit a blog post every week.....Oh well, you can't do it all!!!, but I have been doing some art projects whilst away, which I thought I'd share with you all.

In September I am travelling to India on a Rotary Friendship exchange and it is normal practice to take a small gift that reflects something Australian that we can give to our Indian hosts. As an artist, rather than buying something, I thought I would create some small artworks as my gifts. So far I have completed the following two paintings, which are postcard size, and I have a number of other Australian birds and animals that I'm currently working on. I'm having so much fun doing them I think I might have a go at painting large scale works based on these illustrations. I'll let you know how I go, but in the meantime I'll post the results of the postcard paintings as I finish them.

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Magpie - 10 x 16cm
King Parrot - Ink and watercolour 10 x 16 cm